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Manuka Cleanser
Manuka Cleanser
Manuka Cleanser
Manuka Cleanser
Manuka Cleanser

Manuka Cleanser


Hydrating Honey Manuka Cleanser is loaded with Manuka Honey extract and Glycerin; both known to draw in water and replenish moisture by helping to create a protective skin barrier. The calming, sugar-based formula, lathers up rich and creamy and is safe for all skin types. Helps to calm and soothe skin.

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Honey Cleanser

I was very excited to try this cleanser - I had previously read some reviews and articles about the brand and I liked what I read. This cleanser is very yellow - I don't immediately look at it and think "honey", nor do I look at it and think "natural" but I was willing to give it a try. The cleanser dispenses from the bottle easily and quickly lathers in your hands. I found the scent of the cleanser to be somewhat overpowering; it smells very strongly of honey and also has a floral undertone that I couldn't quite place. Again, it didn't necessarily smell "natural" to me - it smelled somewhat artificial. The cleanser felt nice on my face - it didn't dry out my skin while using it. I used it to remove make-up at the end of the day and it did an OK job - there was still some make-up left on my face. It did leave my skin feeling soft and supple which I was pleasantly surprised by. My face was left with a subtle glow after using which I appreciated!

Tried and LOVED!

I am always skeptical when a facial cleanser touts soft skin, etc..etc..etc... I can HONESTLY and surprisingly say that this product DOES and DID make my face feel softer! Thick formula is a little to get used to. To me, it has a medicinal fragrance, but not too off putting. I REALLY LOVE this product and would buy it again!

Natural Face Wash

Overall this was a nice product. The formula is very thick and sticky but lathers really nicely. To me, the scent was a little unpleasant, you can definitely smell the honey in the face wash. I would recommend if typical cleansers are too harsh or you're looking for something natural, as this was gentle and contained natural ingredients.

Smells great

It smells amazing and leaves you're skin feeling so great. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you might have some issues. I knew I wouldn't be able to use this as an everyday cleaner but probably once every other week.

Soft skin

I tried my Earth to Skin Cleanser for the first time tonight. I am unsure yet if I really like the smell of it or not yet. When I pumped it into my hand to use, it doesn't pump very easy at first and you have to kind of tip the bottle to do so. I liked that it lathered up nicely in my hands. It cleaned nicely and made my skin feel smooth and soft after using it.