Tea Beauty Products


    Drinking tea does more than warm us up during winter and cool us off in the summer. Consuming certain teas can also help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure among other health benefits. 

    Additionally, these types of teas also offer an array of skincare benefits, too. 
    Our line of innovative “Tea Time” products are infused with green, white, black and other herbal teas for natural anti-aging skin care.  
    Detoxify and hydrate with a our White Tea Cleanser that rids your skin of radical-releasing impurities. 
    Tighten your skin with our antioxidant-rich Green Tea Toner that reduces the visible signs of aging. 
    Firm up your face, neck and eye area with Black Tea Serum enriched with kombucha extract. Pair that with our Tea Time Chamomile Eye Cream to help calm inflammation and puffiness, while locking in moisture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
    Shop our complete line of “Tea Time” products to help your skin look and feel fantastic!