It’s World Art Day!


World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts started by the International Association of Art to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide.

[Fun Fact: We celebrate every year on April 15th in honor of the birthday of the great Leonardo Da Vinci.]

We like to celebrate art and creativity everyday but, today is the day where we all do it together. Join us in celebrating with Earth to Skin coloring pages!

“Coloring is a calming mindfulness activity that allows those racing thoughts about your last Zoom call to settle as you focus on choosing colors, filling in the lines, or just scribbling”, Cosmopolitan 2020.

Choose from any of these downloadable designs and find your inner Da Vinci. Submit your masterpiece for a chance to win an assortment of Earth to Skin products and be featured on our Instagram.

To enter, send us your design via Instagram @earthtoskinbeauty or send us an email at

Don’t have access to a printer? Check out our Instagram Stories.