Fruit Skin Care Products

    What makes our line of Super Fruits skin care products so special? 
    Each eye cream, facial cleanser, mask and serum is elevated with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that are super for your skin care routine!
    Give your skin that glow you’ve always wanted with a cleanser that merges antioxidants from blueberries with vitamin C and hydrating glycerine. 
    Resist the signs of aging on the face, neck and brow with serum derived from watermelon fruit extract.

    Revive your stressed and fatigued features with moisturizing eye cream fortified with banana and mango.  

    Or, experience the benefits of our Super Fruits line with a starter set that features a selection of our most popular products from this line. 

    When it comes to skincare products, Super Fruits are the cream of the crop!