Hand and Body Lotions


    Enjoy a salon-style experience at home with our line of lavish hand and body lotions!

     Enriched with all natural ingredients known for their moisturizing, therapeutic, and nourishing qualities. 

    Relieve dryness with nutrient-rich hand balm that invigorates damaged skin. 

    Give yourself the gift of radiant skin from head to toe with our Lemon & Basil Hand & Body Crème Gel embodied with vitamins, antioxidants and skin-smoothing hyaluronic acid.

    Soothe and smooth skin and prevent cracking cuticles with our Shea-A-Day gift set. Each pack includes seven tubes of shea butter hand lotions blended with natural ingredients such as almond oil, honey and offered in a variety of popular and pleasing scents. 

    Best of all, all of our hand lotions and body balms leave your skin soft and supple without  leaving greasy and sticky residues.

     Discover your new favorite hand and body lotion below!